Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing for Families With Kids

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If you're a parent, you're probably more than a little protective of your children. Pool accidents can be extremely dangerous and even fatal in some cases, so it's important to follow legislation and install a fence around your backyard pool. Below are just some of the benefits of installing frameless glass pool fencing for your family with kids to enjoy all summer long.

1. Glass makes it easier to always check on your kids

When your kids are swimming in the pool, it can be difficult to keep a watchful eye on them when fencing is in the way. This is where frameless glass pool fencing comes in handy. With frameless glass pool fencing, you can always see your kids no matter where they are in the pool, ensuring you can keep them safe from drowning accidents.

2. It's harder to climb over

Since glass pool fencing is flat and smooth, it's very difficult for children to climb over. This is a huge benefit to any parent who has had trouble with kids climbing over other types of pool fencing in the past. For active and rambunctious young children, frameless glass fencing is one of the best ways to minimise your child falling and breaking a bone or accidentally diving under the water's surface. 

3. Protects your pool from clogs

Frameless glass pool fencing not only keeps your kids safe while swimming, but it also protects your pool from getting clogged with debris that could ruin your child's pool day. Metal and wooden fencing with gaps between the bars allows debris like leaves to blow into your pool. Glass, on the other hand, is solid, preventing all those gross backyard trimmings from getting through.

4. Super strength and security

Glass pool fencing is constructed with tempered glass, which is super strong and almost impossible to break. This type of glass is designed to withstand great force and provide incredible durability. With frameless glass pool fencing, you'll have peace of mind in knowing that your kids are protected by a strong, sturdy and secure fence that won't break if they trip or fall against it.

5. Low maintenance costs

Low maintenance costs are another huge benefit for families with children who already make budgets tight. Glass pool fencing generally only needs the occasional clean and polish to keep it in good condition, unlike wood and metal fencing that often requires specialist care. As such, you won't find yourself forking over hundreds in fence maintenance costs every year.

Reach out to a local fence contractor to learn more about frameless glass pool fencing.

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