Glass Pool Fence: Why it is the Best Option for your Pool

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Pool safety is an important consideration for anyone having a pool at home. From children and pets falling into a pool and drowning, to the elderly unknowingly falling into the water too, Australia is home to numerous all too similar tales. A pool fence helps mitigate against this risk and reduces the chance of accidents happening tenfold. As you consider installing one too, here are a few reasons why glass pool fencing would be the best option.

Glass Pool Fences Cannot be Climbed Over

Unlike wooden and steel pool fences, a glass pool fence will be hard to climb over. As the walls are too smooth, anyone wishing to access your pool without your knowledge will have a tough time. Fence contractors will also use toughened glass panels to put up your fence and as such, the fence can withstand extra pressure without breaking.

Glass Pool Fences are More Modern and Appealing

A glass pool fence will provide your home with a better, more appealing look than the traditional wood or metallic fences. The glass used can also be decorated or make use of decorative connectors to add to the beauty of the fence. Unlike traditional fences too, a glass pool fence will not hide away your gorgeous pool area. From a distance, you probably won't even notice the fence.

Glass Pool Fences have Low Maintenance Costs

As fence contractors will tell you, a glass fence will have better resistance to weather element compared to other traditional fences. With wood fences, you would have to paint them with water repellent coats periodically for prolonged service. Steel enclosures are no better as they will require rust-proofing too. You, thus, have to set aside money for paint and other rust proof measures once in a while.

Glass Pool Fences are More Durable

The glasses used with glass pool fencing undergo extensive tests to ascertain that they can withstand pressure from the wind and other natural forces. As a result, you can rest easy knowing your enclosure is made of tough material that can stand firm against whatever force it meets. For maximum safety, glass fence barriers need to pass safety standards approved by the state. Accordingly, you should work with professional contractors to ensure you get only the best, most durable material for your fence.

For pool owners, pool fencing is integral for many reasons. Not only is it a necessary safety measure in Australia, but, a legal obligation too. For this reason, you need to get your pool a fence. The best one would be a glass pool fence.

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