4 Ways Kids Could Get Past Pool Fencing (And How to Stop Them)

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Did you think that installing simple pool fencing would be enough to keep your kids away from the pool? Think again.

Kids can be sneaky, and they'll quickly spot any vulnerabilities in your fencing. It's really important to protect against this risk to keep your entire family safe and avoid any tragic accidents.

Keep reading to learn about four ways kids try to get past pool fencing, and how you can stop them.

Climbing Over It

How high is your pool fencing? Does it comes with any handy slats to step up onto or grab onto while climbing? If so, you can be certain that an adventurous toddler will try to climb over it at least once.

To prevent this from happening, choose pool fencing that's made from solid panels of reinforced glass or plastic, or opt for mesh fencing that's impossible to climb. Mesh is the best option if you have any concerns about little ones running into the fence panels.

Squeezing Through Gaps

What looks like an impossibly small gap to an adult can easily become an entryway for a determined kid. Choose fencing with zero gaps to avoid any accidents.

On top of avoiding gaps, you should also ensure that the fencing posts aren't easily pulled out of the ground. Removing posts is an easy way for kids to create gaps, and they might be stronger than you expect.

Learning to Operate the Gate

Do you have a super high-tech security gate for your pool fence? That's great—but keep an eye on your kids while you're unlocking it. Many children quickly learn by observing, and those with an adventurous side will be quick to realize that they need a special key/pin code/etc, to gain access to the pool.

Keep kids at a distance while you open the gate, and make it clear that they should never operate it alone.

Asking Older Kids to Let Them In

Do you have older kids who are allowed in the pool alone? It's essential that you teach them never to let younger kids into the pool area unless a responsible adult is present. Make it clear that there will be serious consequences if they ever break this rule, and avoid giving them unsupervised access to the pool if you have any doubts at all.

Want to keep your kids safe near your family pool?

Installing pool fencing is a great step. Choose the right variety and set clear rules for your children, and you'll massively reduce the risk of accidents.

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