5 Ways to Keep Your Pool Safe

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Having a swimming pool in your yard is a great addition to your home. However, it also comes with the responsibility of ensuring safety, especially when young children are involved. As such, pool safety is an issue that cannot be ignored. The following are some ways to ensure safety.

Swimming lessons

It is pointless to have a pool in your backyard if nobody can enjoy this perk. Hire a swimming coach to train your children and other occupants how to swim. Even toddlers can learn how to float around the pool and swim a bit for their enjoyment. It is imperative that parents get CPR training so they are better placed to help in case of swimming accidents.

Be present

Despite all the childproofing tricks you might employ, being with your children when they swim or play around the pool is of utmost importance. Even if you cannot partake in their activities, pay close attention from the wayside so you can stop possible catastrophes before they happen. If you have a caregiver like a nanny, instruct them to be watchful at all times.

Safety equipment

A life ring helps novice swimmers stay afloat, while a safety hook can pull a struggling swimmer from the pool. These two devices are a must-have for any pool owner, even in cases where residents are adept at swimming. Even excellent swimmers may struggle due to muscle cramps or sickness that may hamper their ability to stay afloat. Invest in safety equipment or replace old equipment that may be faulty.

Pool fencing

Leaving your pool exposed paves the way for children or pets to jump into the pool; this could be dangerous if no else is present. It is therefore imperative to have your pool fenced. An ideal pool fence should be about 48 inches tall and should have a gate that cannot be easily opened by kids. Glass pool fencing is one of the most popular options. These fences are aesthetically appealing and at the same time are strong and weather resistant.

Motion alarm

However frustrating it is, you cannot drown-proof your child. According to research by the Royal Life Saving Society, children under the age of five are at higher risk of drowning, and most pool-related deaths occur in private swimming pools. Alarms inside the pool can save your child from drowning.


Meeting the national standards of pool safety requires a combination of vigilant safety mechanisms like pool fencing and close supervision. These measures can prevent loss of life.

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