4 Tips for Buying the Right Gate for Your Home

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Even in the safest neighbourhoods, homeowners will appreciate the integral role of a gate in keeping off intruders and enhancing privacy. As the primary entry point to your home, a gateway also serves aesthetic purposes thus elevating the outlook of your property. If you are gate shopping for your home, here are four tips to guide your selection.


The type of gate you buy is mainly dependent on the reason for the installation. For instance, if you live in a gated community and safety is not an issue, you could be buying a gate purely for aesthetic reasons. In this case, a well-designed wooden gate will serve the purpose. On the other hand, if security is wanting, you need to invest in an iron or steel high gate. This robustness will discourage common intruders and high-level burglars from breaking into your property.


If your home sits on an expansive lot size, you would have ample space for an elaborate gate design with double doors. However, for limited spaces, you may want to invest in a smaller gate that is easy to open and close. A sliding gate is even better in certain types of housing like townhouses where the parking lot is right next to the gate or if children often play in the front yard.  

Automated vs. Manual

Having an automatic sliding gate brings added comfort as you can access your home with the press of a button. Automatic sliders are also safer for people who typically report home late in the night as you do not have to get out of your car to yank the gate open. Additionally, automatic gates are convenient during cold or rainy weather. If you have a gatekeeper, then a manual gate will suffice.


Whether installing a gate for security reasons or just to augment the appeal of your home, the design of the gate should complement that of your home. A gate manufacturer can guide you in finding the most suitable gate for your bungalow or storied home.


Gates swing open and shut several times in a day. For this reason, it is expedient to have a stable support system to keep the gate in place. Support could be in the form of gate posts, an existing fence or wall. Massive and tall gates need extra stability to swing from to avoid weakening of the hinges that could lead to a collapse.


Installing a gate is a worthy investment that goes towards improving security and making your home more attractive. Ensure that you find one that fulfils the purpose without compromising on appeal.

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