3 Considerations When Installing Residential Swimming Pool Fences

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Pool fences provide a safety net against potential accidents and deaths, especially for pets and children under five years old. Apart from safety, pool fencing enhances privacy by restricting entry to authorised personnel only. Also, some pool fences improve aesthetics of the property. However, laws and regulations for swimming pool fence installation vary from state to state. You will also find local bylaws that regulate the type of fence to install and how to install it. Therefore, before you install a pool fence, contact your local building code regulator or residential association regarding the requirements and restrictions.  Here are some considerations for pool owners when installing residential swimming pool fences.

PVC Material -- For those who desire privacy in a swimming pool, a PVC fence is an ideal choice. You will find these fences in either spaced pickets or solid slats that are butted together to form a solid plastic panel. Furthermore, PVC pool fences require minimum maintenance because they are resistant to elements such as sunshine and corrosion. Moreover, pool owners can order custom-built PVC fences that conform to different height requirements at marginal fees. However, such pool fences have limited colour choices because most of them are white.

Powder Coated Aluminium -- When buying pool fences, most owners look for longevity and durability. Aluminium fences offer these qualities. Unlike other barriers that are painted, aluminium is powder-coated, making it resistant to harsh outdoor weather conditions. During winter, aluminium does not become brittle because of the freezing temperatures. Moreover, you do not have to incur high maintenance costs synonymous with other types of fences. The narrow aluminium pickets and rails might make the fence style undesirable for privacy. However, what the fence fails to offer in privacy, it makes up for in reducing obstruction, especially for residential waterfront properties. You can also customise the fence to different colours to match your property.

Child-Safety Features -- Children are curious, and that's why they will tend to find a way into the pool, even with a top-quality fence. The pool gate should have a locking feature that is high enough so that children cannot access the release knob. Ensure that the lock does not disengage when pressure is applied to the gate. For that reason, the gate should only open using a key. Besides, the hinges should have slip devices to safeguard against being used as footholds by children. The barrier should be firm and not unlatch or lift off from its hinges when a child tries to lift it or pull the gate down.

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